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    Dongsheng the existing new Heidelberg, six open four-color printing machineGTOV52 ,New Heidelberg four open four-color machineSM74-4-H ,New outside Heidelberg four-color machine CD102V 、Komori magnanimous whole double-colored machine,And the four open four-color Heidelberg machineSM72V Such as printing production equipment。The company complete formalities,With the publication of can print business licenses。Can include printing books and periodicals、Magazine、Couplet,Packing box、Hand bag、Stickers、The poster、The picture album、Calendar、Desk calendar、Product manuals and other printed matter, etc,The generous full of printed matter printing quality is number one in anyang。 Calling information 13064406366  QQ:836522132 ...
Pictorial journalColor sheetNew Year Spring Festival coupletsCarrier bagsPackaging carton
Card printingBusiness card printingThe envelope printingPosters DMColor pageDesk calendar calendar
Packaging cartonsNo carbon duplicateThe menu printingStickers
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