Anpingxian xin bohai source wire mesh products co., LTD. Is a collection of production、Deep processing、Sales in the integration of silk screen production professional enterprise。With the aid of advantaged environment advantages and the broad masses of tongren support and help,With all the staff of hard work,Make our company rapidly developed into a strong technical force、Screen experience、Detection means complete、It can produce a variety of wire mesh products。 My company's registered capital5888Ten thousand yuan。Production of climbing scaffold mesh can replace the traditional bamboo and bamboo basketry pills,For construction enterprises outside the laying of the scaffold,The product can meet the construction enterprise“The green building”The concept of demand,To respond to the country“With steel and wood,Save forest resources”The call,Widely used in building construction、The oil、Electric power、Shipyard, and other enterprises to use,Due to the。。。

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02 2019-05

Galvanized iron wire, bing forward protective technical characteristics are introduced

Galvanized iron wire, guest network application and river bank protection structure and its model of slope protection aspect is very successful,It give full play to the advantages of the ecological grid,The ambition of reach other way cannot be completed。Lead wire ...

02 2019-05

Embankment slope protection, guest network revetment dike function is introduced

Bing network called dike slope embankment slope protection frames guest net is weaving metal wire are galvanized iron wire、High zinc wire、Plastic coated wire、Zinc aluminum wire, etc,The structure of the weaving into angular mesh(Embankment slope protection, guest network)Made from the cages。(1) ...

08 2019-05

Stone cage net development prospects?

  Stone cage net is also called heavy hexagonal wire netting,Is the development of new application in the traditional silk screen technology,On the basis of original products,Stone cage net factory developed a galvanized gabion mesh galvanized gabion mesh、Welded wire gabion mesh、Leaching ...

08 2019-05

Play with you details about bin net mesh construction steps

  Bing net mesh construction:Mesh construction main program is made→Loading→Build by laying bricks or stones→The sealing, etc。  1、Floorstand:The mesh cage emperical decoration in place,Avoid vertical penetration seam。 ...

10 2019-05

Stone cage net control corrosion factors which should be paid attention to?

  Stone cage net control corrosion factors should pay attention to four o 'clock:  1,Coating of the reinforcement:Plating when they burst,Stone cage net is very susceptible to corrosion。Because the stone cage net is twisted braid,So for the plating ...

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