Simple and effective field management software

Solve the enterprise personnel management difficultCustomer resource control difficultGrowth performance3The big problem

Solve out personnel management difficult !

To ensure the authenticity of the personnel in the outside and normative,Improve the execution

Solve customer resource control difficult !

Customer resource acquisition in real time、Unified management、A comprehensive analysis,To control the market

The growth of solving difficult !

Earnings volatility analysis at any time,Guarantee performance stable growth

Small field product introduction video ( 4Points07Seconds )

CCTV's strategic partner

China mobile cloud strategic partner

Very innovative

The original six national patent technology

Intelligent analysis of cloud industry personnel behavior

Superior technical strength

The team from tencent and technology products360

Ten years of distributed storage、Large concurrent technology accumulation

Million level scale users experience in product development

Excellent customer reputation

5 m enterprises,The highest XuQianLv whole industry

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